Numerous dots and globules of regular shape and distribution in a Clark nevus

The striking aspect of this globular Clark nevus is the dark-brown gray color of otherwise regular dots/globules in the lower left part of the lesion

At the periphery of this melanoma, several irregularly shaped dots/globules can be noted

Numerous dots/globules of various sizes and shapes are present in the upper part of this melanoma

Clumps of melanin and melanocytes in the stratum corneum (circle) represent the underlying histopathologic structures of black dots as evidenced in this melanoma

Lower magnification of this dermal nevus reveals several, dark-brown nests of melanocytes (nevus cells) in the papillary dermis (circle) reflecting the globular pattern of this lesion

Higher magnification reveals a heavily pigmented nest of melanocytes (nevus cells) corresponding to the underlying histopathologic structure of a given brown globule

This melanoma is composed of numerous, variously sized globules, some of which have a peculiar reddish color. These particular structures are called red globules (circle)  by some authors

This otherwise typical melanoma focally reveals a cluster of red globules (circle)