This melanoma with regression is composed of a large white area associated with only small foci of blue areas (arrows)

Another example of melanoma with regression characterized by a scar-like white area and only subtle blue areas (arrows)

This melanoma with regression exhibits features of both white areas (fibrosis) and blue areas (melanosis). The combination of these features is virtually indistinguishable from the blue-whitish veil

This melanoma with regression is characterized by pronounced blue-whitish areas that dermoscopically can easily be confused with the blue-whitish veil.  In our experience, this distinction can only be made by histopathologic examination.

This regressive melanoma shows features of pronounced fibrosis (circle) and also signs of melanosis (rectangle) thus dermoscopically corresponding to white  and blue areas

Also this regressive melanoma reveals fibrosis (circle) and melanosis, but the latter is more pronounced. 
Note numerous melanophages (rectangle) in the thickened papillary dermis, dermoscopically corresponding 
to blue areas