This is an example of a predominantly dermal nevus with stereotypical comma vessels (arrows)

Besides the central dell, the wreath-like arrangement of the vessels is a subtle clue for the diagnosis of this sebaceous hyperplasia (arrows)

The clue for the diagnosis of this basal cell carcinoma is the presence of arborizing vessels (arrows)

Note numerous hairpin vessels (arrows) arranged in parallel at the border of this melanoma. The diagnosis cannot be made on the basis of reliable and repeatable dermoscopic criteria.

Numerous dotted vessels are present at the periphery (circle) of this amelanotic melanoma. Dotted vessels are suggestive of, but not diagnostic for, melanoma

Linear irregular vessels (circle) clearly detectable in the lower part of this lesion are mostly found in melanomas with a Breslow thickness of more than 0.75 mm, as is the case here.

In contrast to the previous example, the linear irregular vessels within regression areas (circle) of this melanoma belong to the regression phenomenon and should not be considered for the preoperative evaluation of melanoma thickness