Melanoma in situ on the leg characterized by an atypical pigment network and irregular streaks

Melanoma in situ on the back with an asymmetric distribution of colors and structures that can be clearly appreciated on the dermoscopic image

Melanoma in situ on the leg characterized predominantly by a combination of blue areas and whitish areas (so-called blue-whitish areas) virtually indistinguishable from a blue-whitish veil

Melanoma in situ of the face, also called lentigo maligna, exhibiting annular-granular structures (black arrows) and rhomboidal structures (white arrow)

Lentigo maligna revealing a gray pigment pseudonetwork

This is a stereotypical example of early invasive melanoma on the back displaying basically all the relevant melanoma-specific criteria

Early invasive melanoma on the neck with pronounced diffuse hyperpigmentation. Thus the dermoscopic melanoma-specific criteria, such as atypical pigment network, irregular streaks and irregular dots/globules, are rather difficult to detect.

Early invasive melanoma on the abdomen revealing nearly all dermoscopic melanoma-specific criteria

This melanoma of intermediate thickness on the chest reveals a blue-whitish veil that in association with irregular streaks and irregular dots/globules is virtually diagnostic

This thick melanoma on the leg is characterized by a bluish nodule covered by a hyperpigmented scale-crust