This tutorial represents a multi-media project for medical teaching and education based on high-quality images of skin tumors with special emphasis on the many faces of melanoma. 

It comprehends the core section of the Interactive Atlas of Dermoscopy, namely, a course encompassing definitions and pictures of relevant dermoscopic criteria and their underlying histopathologic structures as well as clinical and dermoscopic images of the most pertinent skin lesions most of them pigmented. 

For all these lesions the dermoscopic criteria allowing the performance of the classic pattern analysis will be explained in detail. Moreover, alternative diagnostic algorithms, such as the ABCD rule and the 7-point checklist, will be elucidated to teach physicians these new diagnostic methods that, in our estimation, are effective for detecting melanomas. 

This tutorial will instruct physicians to recognize dermoscopic criteria, to diagnose pigmented lesions, and to calculate diagnostic algorithms by covering basic and advanced aspects of dermoscopy thus facilitating the management of patients with pigmented skin lesions.