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Special location:
Facial melanocytic lesions

  Lentigo Maligna
(melanoma in situ on severely sun-damaged skin)
Few or no classic dermoscopic criteria of malignancy

Atypical pseudonetwork typified by different morphologic aspects according to the melanoma progression:

  Annular-granular structures Multiple blue-gray dots surrounding the follicular ostia with an annular-granular appearance


  Gray pigment pseudonetwork Gray pigmentation surrounding the follicular ostia, formed by the confluence of annular-granular structures


  Rhomboidal structures


Gray-brown pigmentation surrounding the follicular ostia with a rhomboidal appearance


  Asymmetric pigmented follicles
Eccentric annular pigmentation around follicular openings
(Criteria modified according to Schiffner et al. J Am Acad Dermatol 2000)


  Rhomboidal structures (green arrow), annular-granular structures (black arrows), and asymmetric pigmented follicles (circle) in a lentigo maligna


  Gray pseudonetwork in a lentigo maligna