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Consensus Meeting (1990)


Pattern Analysis modified according to Argenziano et al. Interactive Atlas of Dermoscopy 2000

  1. Discrete Pigment Network

  2. Prominent PN

  3. Regular PN

  4. Irregular PN

  5. Wide PN

  6. Narrow PN

  7. Broad PN

  8. Delicate PN


Global pattern

(reticular, globular, cobblestone, homogeneneous, parallel, starburst, multicomponent, unspecific)

Pigment network

  • typical
  • atypical
  1. Pseudopods

  2. Radial streaming

Streaks (regular, irregular)
  1. Brown globules

  2. Black dots

Dots/globules (regular, irregular)
  1. Whitish veil
Blue - whitish veil
  1. White scarlike areas
  2. Gray - blue areas
Regression structures
(white areas and/or blue areas)
  1. Hypopigmented areas 
(focal, multifocal, diffuse)
  1. Reticular depigmentation 
  1. Milia-like cysts
  2. Comedo-like openings
  3. Telangiectasia
  4. Red-blue areas
  5. Maple leaf-like areas

Criteria for

(localized or diffuse, regular or irregular)

Vascular pattern

(comma-like, hairpin, dotted, linear-irregular, vessels within regression structures)


Face:typical pseudonetwork, annular-granular structures, gray pseudonetwork, rhomboidal structures, asymmetric pigmented follicles.

Palms/soles:parallel-furrow, lattce-like, fibrillar, and parallel-ridge patterns



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