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Special location: Acral melanocytic lesions

Absence of pigment network
Parallel pattern typified by different morphologic aspects. Criteria modified according to Saida et al. (Arch Dermatol 1995) and Oguchi et al. (Arch Dermatol 1998):


Parallel-furrow pattern

Pigmentation following the sulci superficiales. The most common dermoscopic pattern in acral melanocytic nevi

Lattice-like pattern

Pigmentation following and crossing the furrows in acral melanocytic nevi


Fibrillar pattern

Numerous, finely pigmented filaments perpendicular to the furrows in acral melanocytic nevi


Parallel-ridge pattern

Pigmentation aligned along the cristae superficiales. Commonly found in melanoma in situ and in early invasive melanomas of palms and soles


Parallel-furrow pattern in an acral nevus


Lattice-like pattern in an acral nevus


Fibrillar pattern in an acral nevus


Parallel-ridge pattern in a melanoma in situ


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